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Medical Equipment Fabrication: Types of Equipment

Precision and accuracy are critical in the medical field, especially when it comes to all-metal devices. Consider for a moment, all the metal devices and equipment in the world. Now, consider the many industries that could not function without high-quality metal fabrication products. Many industries would simply fail. However, at Midwest Metal Products, we can […]

Chromate Conversion Process

Chromate conversion is the most common type of conversion coating that helps prevent corrosion on metals. The chromate conversion process provides corrosion resistance and conductivity without creating buildup. This low-cost process primer is used for paint, lacquer, or rubber bonding and is used primarily on Aluminum.  Here at Midwest Metal Products, we provide our own […]

Electronic Metal Fabrications: Plates and Panels

From hand railings to heavy machinery, metal fabrications have a part in it all. Metal fabrication is the process of building machines and structures from raw materials including cutting, burning, welding, forming and assembly to create the perfect final product.  The benefits of metal fabrication shops are the centralization that they possess. Most companies require […]

Why Choose Midwest Metal Products

For more than 50 years, Midwest Metal Products has provided precision metal fabrication services to industries across the United States and around the world. We serve and are familiar with multiple industries including aerospace, medical, and electronic.  Aerospace. Midwest Metal is a leading producer of aerospace products such as instrumentation, gauges, search and navigation systems, […]

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication for the Medical Industry

Consider for a moment all the metal devices and equipment in the world. Now consider the many industries that could not function without high quality metal fabrication products: medicine, telecommunications, the military, aerospace, electronics, transportation, computing, and manufacturing, just to name a few.   It’s safe to say that industry and commerce would shut down […]

What Are Press Brakes?

At Midwest Metal Products, we take pride in our customized fabrication capabilities. Our economical and innovative approaches provide solutions to all your sheet metal needs. The industries we serve—including the military, aerospace, electronics, and medicine—require extreme accuracy and precision for all their projects. At Midwest Metal, we’re constantly investing in new technology and investigating new […]

Why Use Chromate Conversion?

First a little background on how the chromate conversion process works. Hexavalent chromium is used in the immersion bath process where the coating is applied. However, because Hexavalent is considered toxic we also have non-hexavalent chromates that comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances regulations.   Chromate conversion is intended for aluminum that is not […]

Automation in the Aerospace Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry

What is the hottest topic in the aerospace industry right now? Right now, a big topic within the main aerospace manufacturing companies in the country, like Airbus and Boeing, is increasing the automation involved when making airplanes. Aerospace sheet metal fabrication involves the incorporation of instrumentation, gauges, search and navigation systems, storage, and much more. […]

Things To Look For in a Metal Fabrication Company

Virtually every manufacturer and industry in the world relies on a metal fabrication company to help them do business. For more than 50 years, Midwest Metal Products has provided precision metal fabrication products to industries across the globe. We’d love to do business with you. After five decades in the industry and forging strong relationships […]

Five Reasons To Use Sheet Metal for Medical Equipment

Midwest Metal Products has served the medical industry for more than 50 years. We know that nothing is more important than precision and accuracy when it comes to sheet metal medical equipment. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built as a trusted NADCAP provider in this industry. In all we do, we focus on quality, […]