Silk Screening

Precision work – every order, every time.

In-House Artwork Development and Application

Midwest Metal Products’ single-source manufacturing service includes a start-to-finish metal screen printing operation. Silk screening is a method of applying paint and design elements to any type of metal product. It is the easiest and least expensive way to customize any enclosure and can be done in nearly any color.

  • In-house artwork development
  • Highly experienced technicians
  • Company logos, parts labels, safety decals and more
Silk Screening

Take a look through the photos below for detailed views of our silk screening and finished products.

Silk Screening For Sheet Metal

Silk screening is easily susceptible to being worn off or damaged if hand tools are used on it. If you have a metal product that will come into contact like this, try to ask for a clear powder coat after the screening to help keep the markings and scratches off of it. With Midwest Metal Products, you will have the flexibility to choose efficient means and materials for your specific project. We will be able to produce parts for your precise specifications and will always deliver on time.