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Electronic Metal Fabrication Specialists

You name it, Midwest Metal Products can custom design it. Whether it’s custom metal enclosures for electronic components, plates, panels, printing or something else, we have more than 55 years of experience manufacturing products for the electronics industry. We follow your specifications to the letter so we can produce the highest-quality electrical metal fabrication products.

MMP is your preferred vendor for the electronic manufacturing industry. By adhering to the strict standards and specifications in the industry, MMP is a manufacturer that is dedicated to your custom electrical metal fabrication needs.

electrical metal fabrication

Midwest Metal Products is a precision metal fabrication facility that has been serving the electronic industry for over 55 years.

Meeting The Highest Standards In The Electronic Manufacturing Industry

  • FabriVISION® high-speed laser scanning authenticates flat layouts prior to production
  • Brown & Sharpe Coordinated Measuring Machine (CMM) for accuracy verification to 0.005″
  • FaroArm® mobile inspection station verifies formed dimensions to 0.002″
  • SPC-40 PC Shop Floor Network, with readings taken at all major steps to ensure compliance
  • Total Quality Management and 5S Lean manufacturing culture

Dedicated to Electrical Part Manufacturing Excellence

We are committed to delivering flawless metal parts beyond mere quality checks. Our focus extends to ensuring the enduring functionality of various electronic metal components operating within electrical environments for the long term.

Metal Solutions for Every Need

Our comprehensive metal solutions cover the spectrum from prototyping to production, offering you a seamless process tailored to your requirements.

With a commitment to delivering results swiftly, our electronic metal fabrication services provide quick turnarounds without compromising quality.

At the heart of our approach lies a dedication to innovation, precision, and craftsmanship. Whether you’re in the prototyping stage or require large-scale production, our metal fabrication solutions for electronics are designed to meet your needs with excellence at every step.

Perfection in Electronic Performance

We assess and evaluate structural integrity for every electronic sheet metal part we produce. This thorough examination of electrical functionality guarantees reliable performance under operational loads. Additionally, we assess the resilience of the panel, affirming its ability to withstand diverse conditions, including moisture, temperature extremes, and chemical exposure.

To ensure that each product not only meets but often exceeds the required benchmarks, we check for compliance with industry regulations and certifications. At every step, our dedication is to electronic perfection, ensuring the utmost quality and reliability of our metal parts.