Exceptional Products Begin with Exceptional Engineering

With more than 50 years of combined experience, Midwest Metal Products' skilled engineering team uses the latest innovations in design technology to give you the highest quality product at the lowest possible cost.

Our fully-integrated computer system, with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capability, allows us to completely interface with your engineering team for seamless and accurate collaboration. You'll have the flexibility to choose the most efficient means and materials for producing parts to your precise specifications.

From concept to finished product, our engineering team will be with you every step of the way — every order, every time.

But don't just take our word for it....

Take a moment to view a short video about our technology and processes, and check out the photos below for detailed images of some finished products designed with the best possible materials at the lowest possible cost. Then request a quote online or contact the MMP team today .

Video tour

What our customers say....

"...it was a great project and the design and execution went very professionally, quickly and smoothly. The reseller has reviewed the first fully assembled prototypes and is very impressed. Their sales staff is fighting over who gets the prototype first to take to their customer base. All good indicators.

Again, my direct thanks for helping with this and making the unique design come together."

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What our experts say....

"We take great pride in being able to assist our customers in finding the most economical, yet effective, processes possible. Sheet metal design can be tricky and can get costly, very quick.

Our engineering staff at MMP is ready to assist from the concept stage, to ensure your designs are using the most readily available materials and tooling possible, in order to keep your costs under control."

Patrick Vanderlind — Engineering/Programming Manager, 25 years of service

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