2 Common Methods for Welding Stainless Steel

Whether stainless steel parts become part of sterile food processing equipment or structural construction projects, Midwest Metal Products can provide a quality weld. Our certified welders know how to use a variety of methods for welding stainless steel and meet the requirements of our customers.

Welding Stainless Steel

In order to weld stainless steel, there are specific methods and techniques required due to its unique properties. Two common methods for welding stainless steel include TIG welding and MIG welding. Based on your needs, we will use one of these to achieve the quality level required for the application.

TIG Welding

Tungsten Inert Gas, or TIG welding uses low heat and a compatible filler rod to weld thin metal together. Discoloration and warping are minimized with TIG welding, which uses inert gases like argon to prevent oxidation and cool the steel. Our certified welders also secure stainless parts with fixtures to further avoid warping of the material. Through their experience and skill, our welders know how to apply TIG welding to achieve precise welds.

MIG Welding

The arc welding machines at Midwest Metal Products include MIG welding equipment. The MIG equipment feeds metal welding wire through to the welding run, fusing the two pieces of metal together with electricity. The inert gas of the MIG welder further prevents contamination of the weld, and the equipment enables a fast, continuous weld on thicker pieces of stainless steel.

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