Five Reasons To Use Sheet Metal for Medical Equipment

Midwest Metal Products has served the medical industry for more than 50 years. We know that nothing is more important than precision and accuracy when it comes to sheet metal medical equipment. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built as a trusted NADCAP provider in this industry. In all we do, we focus on quality, superior customer service, and on-time delivery.

Benefits of Sheet Metal for Medical Equipment

Sheet metal is the best long-term material for medical parts and metal enclosures. At Midwest Metal Products, we can customize and manufacture any piece of equipment you need. Our precision metal products are the ideal choice to meet your stringent medical requirements.

1. Saves Money

As opposed to creating expensive plastic molds, your upfront costs for metal fabrication are very affordable. You’ll not only save time but money. Sheet metal involves the same processes each time: cutting, forming, and finishing. Plastic molds change for each new project and you must pay for those costs.

2. Saves Time

Sheet metal fabrication is a much more streamlined process than plastic mold manufacturing. These molds must often go through several stages of revision and be changed throughout the process. In contrast, a sheet metal enclosure can actually be unfolded using CAD design. Cutting and reforming take only a few hours.

3. Provides More Design Options

Pliable, bendable, and flexible, sheet metal is a much easier material to work with than plastic. Further, if you have special requests — like embosses and knockouts — we can provide these by making a few minor changes in our production steps. Plastic enclosures require going back to the drawing boards with each change.

4. Boosts Durability

Sheet metal products — unlike plastic — aren’t damaged by high temperatures. In addition, metal is collision-resistant and has a longer life span.

5. Provides Aesthetic Appeal

Beautiful finishes and detailed designs are important to medical equipment purchasing agents. Sheet metal is left untreated for a sterile and sanitary medical look. Or it can be finished with a powder coat or customized color.

For high-quality, medical-grade equipment, trust the experienced professionals at Midwest Metal Products. Contact us today to learn more.