Machine Design for Metal Fabrication Guide

From airplanes to appliances to automobiles, sheet metal is used in a multitude of industrial and non-industrial processes. At Midwest Metal Products, we can easily convert machine design for metal fabrication into specific, customized sheet metal parts.

For more than 50 years, we’ve manufactured high-quality aluminum and stainless steel equipment for customers throughout the world.

What is Machine Design for Metal Fabrication?

Your design drawings and specifications set the tone for our work. Whatever process or product you need—whether it’s bends, curls, welding, gussets, or something else—we have all the machinery and the expertise to deliver what you request on time at a reasonable price.

At Midwest Metal Products, we use a wide variety of cutting and shearing methods for your sheet metal fabrication needs.

Custom Sheet Metal Parts

Most shearing operations involve a fixed lower blade and a moving upper blade coming together to shear the sheet metal. We can modify knife clearances to shear different materials at varying thicknesses.

At Midwest Metal Products, we’re pleased to offer a wide selection of sheet metal shearing capabilities, including:

  • Foot Shear
  • Hand Shear
  • Corner Shear
  • Manual Plasma Cutter
  • Punch Press

During the forming process, our experienced team members use precise high-quality machines to apply force to alter the sheet metal geometry. This step allows us to bend or stretch the sheet metal into many different shapes and sizes. We use high-grade CNC press brakes to enable us to create clean bends for all your metal fabrication orders.

Our press brakes—including beam, finger, and roller types—are top-of-the-line and perform with three-axis computer controls using the following technology:

  • Amada HDS 8′ (2)
  • Amada 10′
  • Amada RG 4′ (6)
  • Amada RG 8′

In all that we do, we’re precise and quick. Our qualified staff can easily install fasteners and terminals using our 12 high-tech automated and manual insertion machines. You name it; we can provide the metal fabrication requirements you need: Staking, spot welding, spacers, press nuts, rivets, and MIG welding. Those are just a few of the ways we can customize the work we do for you.

At Midwest Metal Products, we’re always developing new methods to improve our metal fabrication techniques. We’re committed to providing superior products at fair prices. We’re proud of our work and grateful for our loyal clients.