NADCAP Certified Fabricator You Can Depend On

Midwest Metal Products has been a leader in precision sheet metal fabrication since 1964. Being a NADCAP-certified fabricator and preferred vendor in the fields of aerospace, medical equipment, and electronics, Midwest Metal Products has a commitment to quality, service, and on-time delivery that is crucial to the customers’ satisfaction. To maintain that commitment to quality and service our customers have come to love, Midwest Metal Products is certified in both ISO 9001 and AS9100.

ISO 9001 Certified Quality

Customers choosing a precision sheet metal fabricator seek quality, professionalism, and excellence. ISO 9001 is a quality management system that is implemented in all areas of the business, providing the foundation for better customer satisfaction, staff motivation, and continual improvement. The benefits of being ISO 9001 certified are seen in the quality of our products and the service to our customers. Being ISO 9001 certified increases Midwest Metal Products’ productivity and efficiency, enabling us to provide affordable and innovative precision metal products. Quality is constantly measured, decreasing defect rates.

Aerospace Leader and NADCAP Certified Fabricator

As a leader in aerospace precision sheet metal products, Midwest Metal is proud to be AS 9100 certified.  AS 9100 applies to the functional safety of aerospace vehicles and spare parts. Being AS 9100 certified gives Midwest Metal the qualification to be considered as a NADCAP-certified aerospace supplier. Therefore, giving access to new markets. Proper procedures are set in place providing consistent quality products for our customers. When it comes to the aerospace industry, precision and accuracy are crucial in sheet metal fabrication. When purchasing with a precision sheet metal fabricator that is AS 9100 certified, you can be assured that product service mistakes and failures are reduced.

Quality Standards and Specifications

Midwest Metal Products has served a wide range of industries including, aerospace, medical, and electronics for more than 50 years. As a single-source manufacturer, we can provide our customers with everything, from concept to finished product. At Midwest Metal Products our commitment is quality products. We meet strict quality standards and specifications. While also exceptional service makes us a top choice for your sheet metal fabrication needs.  For more information about sheet metal fabrication from Midwest Metal Products, contact us or give us a call at 1-800-394-6474.