How to Design Custom Metal Enclosures

If you need top-quality metal enclosures, you’ve come to the right place. Midwest Metal Products can custom design and finish any enclosure for any space.

As more and more companies embrace renewability and focus on going green, they’re looking at proper enclosures for their energy and electronic equipment. Selecting the right enclosure the first time helps improve the design and ensure the success of each new project.

Leaders in Precision Metal Fabrication

From welding to riveting, bending to assembly, Midwest Metal Products has provided precision metal fabrication products worldwide for more than 50 years. Trust our skilled workers with your next product. We’re the number one sheet metal fabricator in the Midwest.

Our experts will work with you each step of the way while designing custom metal enclosures. We’ll discuss the following six considerations:

1. Metal Enclosure Location

Where will the metal enclosure be placed? Will it be inside or outside? How much protection should the metal enclosure provide? We’ll ask these questions, and more, before we start working with you.

2. Object Size and Order

We can design custom metal enclosures for any electronic device—ranging from an iPhone up to a huge rack of servers. We’ll discuss the dimensions and scope of your project and build it to your exact specifications.

3. Metal Type

What type of metal is best for your project? Carbon works well for almost every indoor appliance. However, if corrosion is an issue, we recommend using stainless steel. We also offer aluminum and are a preferred vendor for the aerospace, medical, and electronic industries.

4. Bends

Whether your project requires a V-shape, U-shape, or channel shape, we’ll make sure we design the perfect configuration. Depending on the thickness and type of metal you select, we need to allow for a certain amount of tolerance when it comes to bending the metal.

5. Welding

Our experienced welders can provide spot welding or fully seamed welding, depending on the specifics of your design. We offer you a full range of metal welding services including 0.125″ aluminum, 150 KVA with electronic controls as well as MIG, TIG, and STUD welding.

6. Finishing

Our clients have many different needs and we know you do too. Some of our customers want highly designed finishes incorporating their company colors and logos; others prefer enclosures that blend in with their current environment and surroundings. You can leave stainless steel unfinished, or we can add a variety of finishes. Powder coating is an excellent option, as it provides a durable finish.

We look forward to working with you on your next project. At Midwest Metal Products, our commitment to quality, service, and on-time delivery is paramount every order, every time. Contact us today.