Silk Screening for Sheet Metal Products

Silk screening for sheet metal is a method of applying paint and design elements to any type of metal product. It is the easiest and least expensive way to customize any enclosure and can be done in nearly any color. Screening is a great choice for adding labeling operators or company names and logos to your metal enclosures. 

Silk Screening Ink

When you are considering silk screening, try to keep in mind what elements the metal will be in contact with. Different types of ink can be used to make sure your screening stays fresh. If your metal products will be able to get hit by rain, snow, or even wind, then you might want to use a wear-resistant ink that is for better resistance to the outdoors. There is also ink that has UV protection in it to help keep the screening from fading while out in the sun.

Silk screening is easily susceptible to being worn off or damaged if hand tools are used on it. If you have a metal product that will come into contact like this, try to ask for a clear powder coat after the screening to help keep the markings and scratches off of it. 

Screening Details

This type of screening can be used throughout a wide variety of industries such as aerospace, medical, or even electronics. With silk screening, you can add labels for parts, safety decals, and so much more to different areas on metal. The top metal surfaces are painted metal, powder-coated metal, aluminum, and stainless steel. 

For color, as we mentioned earlier, silk screening can be done in a variety of different shades. Single color or multicolor can be used on your designs, along with custom prints. This will give you ample options for your projects and create custom designs for you. 

Silk Screening At Midwest Metal Products

When it comes to silk screening for sheet metal, Midwest Metal Products can handle any task or project in-house. Our skilled technicians can design your artwork and complete your projects flawlessly while staying on brand. Our fully integrated computer system, along with our electronic data interchange capability, will allow us to create a seamless and accurate collaboration. 

With NADCAP-certified, Midwest Metal Products, you will have the flexibility to choose efficient means and materials for your specific project. We will be able to produce parts for your precise specifications and will always deliver on time. Request a quote today.

Silk Screening