NADCAP Standards for Chemical Processing

At Midwest Metal Products, we are proud to be NADCAP certified. NADCAP, the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program, is a company-level accreditation program that establishes specific standards for chemical processing.

This industry-driven program is for highly qualified individuals who have experience in the aerospace industry. This program is an umbrella for companies that provide metal services for the aerospace industry. 

Companies offering plating services must become NADCAP accredited beforehand. This process will involve an audit from a Performance Review Institute and an accreditation process. 

NADCAP Certification Process

The NADCAP certification reassures our customers that we are following a safe and quality process. All of our work meets the required aerospace specifications and all of our Midwest Metal products undergo extensive vetting and auditing processes to receive the certification. 

When you start the NADCAP certificate process, there will be a thorough inspection through:

  • Resistance welding
  • Chemical processing
  • Wet paint coatings

The process will also look for displayed skills, such as:

  • Measuring
  • Testing
  • Calibrating
  • Documentation

The process is a lot, but it is mandated by the NADCAP. 

When a supplier requests an audit for a NADCAP certificate, there are a few steps you will go through. First, the audit will be scheduled and an auditor will be assigned to you. Then the audit will be performed and a report will be submitted. You then will go through staff and supplier reviews, starting with the PRI technical staff and finishing with a task group review. If everything checks out and you pass.

Midwest Metal was thoroughly vetted and passed inspections regarding resistance welding, chemical processing, and wet paint coatings. We also displayed our skills in measuring, testing, calibrating, and documentation. We learned our processes were sound and we passed with flying colors.

Importance Meeting NADCAP Standards for Chemical Processing

Accreditation from NADCAP provides yet another way to show our clients that our standards and processes are top-of-the-line. Any business that receives its NADCAP certificate can guarantee solid industry standards, which will boost customer satisfaction, quality products, and even lower prices. 

At NADCAP Certified Midwest Metal Products, we look forward to another 50 years of providing precision metal fabrication. We are pleased to be recognized by NADCAP for our focus on quality.

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