Aerospace Metal Fabrication Specialists

Custom. Cutting edge. Conceptual. Our aerospace clients rely on NADCAP certified Midwest Metal Products for innovative and affordable sheet metal fabrication products. With our sharp focus on detail, we meet the highest standards required in the aerospace industry. 

At Midwest Metal, we use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to ensure great communication and the best results for our engineers and clients. Our engineers will work with you around the clock, step-by-step, to choose the best materials for your project.

From start to finish, your product will leave our facility with the highest satisfaction and highest quality possible. Some examples of aerospace manufacturing products we offer that you can trust are:

Quality aerospace products you can trust:

  • Instrumentation: Used for measuring instruments that indicate, measure and record physical quantities. 

  • GaugesUsed for measuring the magnitude, amount or contents of something.

  • Search and Navigation SystemsUsed to determine the position or route to a particular place.

  • Storage: A space for storing something for the future such as food, medical supplies, spare parts, and more.

Our NADCAP certified aerospace metal fabrication capabilities are top-notch and some of the best in the industry. With our capabilities, we can perform precise manufacturing for the aerospace industry for a number of applications. To explain in more detail, we have put together our top capabilities for the aerospace metal fabrication industry. 

Sheet Metal Parts (Steel and Aluminum)

Aerospace sheet metal fabrication involves the incorporation of instrumentation, gauges, search and navigations systems, storage, and many more products that we offer. By offering these products and parts, we are able to provide everything you need for a successful project. 

Machine Parts

Our products at Midwest Metal can finish and assemble electrical and mechanical parts at any level, including direct drop shipping. We provide riveted assemblies, hinges, gaskets, labels, windows, locks, grommets, card guides, and more. With also the ability to kit your products, we can provide any extra information that may be needed for your end customer. 

Chromate Conversions

With our chromate conversion, we have a thorough process we follow to achieve the best outcome. By starting with a deep clean and soak with water-based solutions, to chromate coating numerous layers, we offer the best corrosion protection. 

Artwork Development

At Midwest Metal, we have the ability to create in-house artwork from start to finish. We also offer paint and finishing options for your artwork. We offer two different types of finishings: powder-coating and wet painting and planting. 

With powder coating, we apply this to a surface as a dry powder and cure it with heat. This will leave a thick, hard finish that is traditionally tougher. This is best on even, flat surfaces and it is a one-coat finish. 

With the wet painting and planting, we apply this as liquid paint to metal products as a finish. This requires no heating and comes with a wider color selection. This finish will be thinner and may require multiple coats. 

Hardware Insertion

With hardware, we can install a full range of fasteners and terminals, utilizing the 12 automated and manual insertion machines to increase precision.

Press Brakes 

Our press brakes allow us to create precisely shaped parts for our customers. All of our machines use optical sensors and advanced computerized numerical controls that result in great accuracy. Our experienced Amanda press brakes operators are capable of producing simple and elaborate bends to create the perfect part you need.

Turret Punching and Laser Shaping

Our high-speed EML turret/lasers provide efficient automated loading and unloading with unmatched quality. We offer unlimited laser shape cutting capabilities, stamping presses to 90 tons, and minimal part handling for reduced labor cost. 

Throughout the process of manufacturing your parts or components are monitored by Statistical Process Control (SPC). 

Meeting the highest standards in the aerospace industry

  • AS9100D/ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • to meet the rigorous demands of industry standards
  • NADCAP Accreditation
  • FabriVISION&#174 high-speed laser scanning authenticates flat layouts prior to production
  • Brown & Sharpe Coordinated Measuring Machine (CMM) for accuracy verification to 0.005"
  • FaroArm&#174 mobile inspection station verifies formed dimensions to 0.002"
  • SPC-40 PC Shop Floor Network, with readings taken at all major steps to ensure compliance
  • Total Quality Management and 5S Lean manufacturing culture

Midwest Metal Products is a precision metal fabrication facility that has been serving the aerospace industry for over 50 years.

Have questions or need more information? Request a quote online or contact the Midwest Metal Products team today.