Experienced Metal Enclosure Manufacturing

Serving the aerospace, medical, military, and electronics industries for more than 50 years, we know that nothing is more important than precision and accuracy. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built as a trusted provider. Our focus is on quality, superior customer service, and on-time delivery.

We use metal because it produces effective results for our customers because of its high durability against temperatures and high impact.

Advantages of Metal Enclosures

Metal enclosures are resistant to the elements, so if your box is located outside, the metal enclosure will protect it from all types of weather from pouring rain to heavy snowfalls.

In industrial settings, the metallic materials protect the electronics from alcohol, solvents, hydraulic oils, gasoline, and much more. Metal is electrically conductive which is important for electromagnetic interference— or EMI—sensitive applications.

In order to trap heat, metal enclosures are the best conductors.

When working in a radio frequency (RF) environment, metal enclosures provide effective shielding by blocking RF electromagnetic radiation from escaping. It is recommended to order a box a size bigger than the normal size for what you are containing, so you can find and reach the controls.

How to Take Care of Metal Enclosures

At Midwest Metal Products, we will help you find the best enclosures based on what you will use it for and where it will be located. We’ll discuss whether steel or aluminum is the best option for your enclosure and what finish makes the most sense such as powder coating, wet paints or silk-screening.

Have Specifications?

Our talented team can custom design any project for you. Below are a few examples.

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We can handle any specification or request, so contact Midwest Metal Products for your metal electronic enclosure needs.