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We Turn Machine Designs into Sheet Metal Parts

From airplanes to appliances to automobiles, sheet metal is used in a multitude of industrial and non-industrial processes. At Midwest Metal Products, we can easily convert any machine design into specific, customized sheet metal parts. For more than 50 years, we’ve manufactured high-quality aluminum and stainless steel equipment for customers throughout the world. Your design […]

How to Weld Aluminum

TIG Welding: Begin by preheating the aluminum prior to welding to prevent cracking during the welding process. Hold the torch appropriately by bracing your hand against the table and moving slowly. When you’re ready to weld, fit the two pieces of aluminum together as tightly as possible and secure the metal with a clamp. Once […]

How to Install PEM/Aerospace Style Hardware in Sheet Metal

The age-old idiom, “The devil is in the details,” stresses the importance of a thorough completion of any job. In sheet metal production, those details of such an important significance are in sheet metal hardware installation. The sheet metal hardware selected for any job is important because it can greatly impact the overall form, function, […]

Powder Coating vs. Wet Paint and Plating

The world is made of important binaries: men versus women, good versus evil, conservatives versus liberals among many others. While most of these opposing forces receive much public attention in a matinee board style grudge match, some of these binaries only surface as they become important in specific choices. In the world of sheet metal […]

Tools Used in Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is the complex process by which raw metals are transformed into an array of products used on the ground floors of hospitals to the highest of airplanes. The three stages of sheet metal fabrication use a variety of sheet metal fabrication tools, depending on the specifications of any custom order. Custom sheet metal […]

About Sheet Metal Fabrication

When considering the highest technological advancements of the last century, one imagines lasers and computers. Movies like Star Trek and The Matrix hold promises of technologies that seem already designed in today. In a field of technology that includes microcomputers no bigger than a snowflake (April 26, 2014 New Scientist) or lasers the size of […]